A teacher or a student is created as follows:

1. Enter the e-mail address (repeat the e-mail address to avoid typing errors)

2. Select the role "Student" or "Coach" 

3. Click Create Account

4. Click on "send invite" and send the invitation

The invited person will then automatically receive an email with his email as username and a preset password, which he will reset immediately after the first login. (In the profile area every user can add his name and nickname. It is strongly recommended to replace the default password with your own. You can do this in the profile area or via the login menu).

In the following list all users, teachers and students are listed. You can filter by role, name or e-mail address and see the number of "filtered" users.

Each user has an own entry. You can see via "invite-accepted" whether this user is successfully logged in.

In the following example the user is a coach (orange), who is assigned a "coach" (orange) and a "student" (green). You can see 1. the assigned role 2. when the account was created and 3. when the user has logged in for the last time.

"Allow invites" allows the coach to invite his students himself. With "activate" you can lock the coach. 

Each assigned coach or student is shown as a chip (orange or green). Here you can now easily delete assignments or add new ones by simply clicking next to the last chip and a selection of other users will open. By entering word parts of the email addresses you can quickly find the person you want to connect.