Recommendations and compatibilities:


  • Laptop or desktop computer (PC or Mac)
  • integrated and/or external webcam
  • iPad with current iPadOS (but only with Safari) Safari 14 -> fix -> click here
  • Current tablets with Android with Chrome work according to the previous tests (We are just gathering the experience)


  • No installation necessary -> doozzoo works browser based!
  • Under Windows & MacOS we recommend the following browsers: Chrome or Firefox - (Please update!)
  • Generally, not all audio features work on Mac Safari. Safari 14 -> fix -> click here
  • On mobile devices:
    Safari on iOS mobile devices like IPad & IPhone
    Chrome on Android devices

Setup recommendation for the best sound:

!!! Please use headphones or headset !!!

  • Before you start the browser really quit all other programs like Skype otherwise these programs reserve the camera or microphone (input).
  • Start the browser and go to "Pre session check" in doozzoo, select the headphone mode and choose the correct input.
  • If you are not using headphones, click "Pre Session Check" in the doozzoo footer and select the speaker mode to avoid echo effects.

With this tool you can test the inputs and the connection:

Reasons why it does not work:

  1. Quit Skype, zoom or other video chat programs because they prevent access to the webcam. Also make sure that Skype is no longer visible in the taskbar, i.e. really switched off, and only then start the browser for the doozzoo application.
  2. When using Firefox, make sure it is updated and set the privacy settings in Firefox to default. All adblockers must be deactivated.
  3. Dataprotection Setup in Window (WIN10) hinders access to Webcam & Mic - Manual
  4. Mobile phones & mobiles usually only support doozzoo to a limited extent. We are currently gathering experience. Current iPhones work with Safari (restricted in the audio range), Android mobiles work with Chrome, although there is still little experience.
  5. Wrong audio IN/OUT selected in the sound settings of the operating system
  6. Bad internet connection Check please use this analysing tool: Better use LAN cable than WIFI Connection
  7. In case of strong fan noise you can activate "Noise-Supression" in the doozzoo "Pre-session-check".
  8. Echoes are caused mostly by returning the signal to the other side. The causer doesn't hear the echo himself! To prevent echoes use headphones in headphone mode (Pre session check) or when using loudspeakers select "Speaker-Mode" (Pre session check). In rare cases, incompatible headset pin assignments (TRRS) can produce a hard-wired loopback. Then it helps to use another headset or a headphone and e.g. the internal microphone.