1. Using your credentials, log in here: app.doozzoo.com

2. Click on "COACHES".

3. Search for the name of the coach whose room you want to enter. There is a button on the right side.  If your coach is online, this button is blue and you can click on it.

(If the button is gray, your coach is not in his/her room at this time).

4. You will now have the option to select your camera and microphone and select other settings. Then click on "Next". If you need help with this, look here: Pre-call Check

5. You are now in the waiting room. If the room is locked, your coach will receive a notification that you are waiting. Once the session is open, the "Join session" button will turn blue. Click on it to join.

1. Wenn Du Schüler:in einer Institution bist, bekommst du deine Login-Daten von der Institution zugesandt.

2. Wenn Du Schüler:in eines privaten Coaches bist und du noch keinen kostenfreien Schüler:innen-Account hast, dann klicke hier.