Dear doozzoo-user,

we are happy to welcome you after the summer break with a new offer!

The cooperation with C. Bechstein is bearing fruit, and we can offer you as a musician and music teacher new extraordinary features and prices. This will allow you to make your lessons even more flexible and effective.

New features & prices:

Workshop room with own address

No time limits!

HD recordings

Groups with up to 25 participants

Start now with the beginner plan:


0,- €  

All apps included:

audio player, keyboard, metronome, tuner,

looper, pitch shifter, slow downer

recorder, media library

For professional use:

GO & PRO Plan

from 9,95 € / month

more cool features:

Group lessons, HD recordings, 20GB media library, and more.

Special features & conditions for institutions:

EDU licenses

3 months trial without obligation
Request now!

doozzoo by C. Bechstein

est. 2017

*Existing customers receive the PRO package with additional features.

and do not pay more than they paid before.

Existing institutional customers will receive a new offer with new features in the coming weeks.

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to have all new features directly available!