Keyboard instruments are particularly challenging in terms of video display or webcam position.

1. with internal webcam with laptop:

The laptop is positioned to the right or left of the piano and the internally installed webcam

offers a lateral view of the keyboard.

Advantage: The teacher can bring himself and the keyboard into the picture.

Disadvantage: You can only see the keyboard and finger positions from the side.

2. with external webcam on tripod:

The external camera is mounted on a tripod sideways-right behind the sitting teacher and thus shows the keyboard in the top view and in the crop also the teacher's head for communication. (A microphone stand can also be used as a stand).

Advantage: The student can optimally recognize the fingers and keys of the teacher and see his face.  

3. with multiple webcams

doozzoo allows the use of multiple webcams that can be switched live during the session.

Light and illumination

For shadow-free illumination of the keyboard, the light should come from above. A lamp on top of the piano and/or a ceiling lamp or floor lamp with bright diffuse light creates optimal visibility of all details.