1. under "My Documents" you will find all your files that you have uploaded

2. under "Session recordings" you can see all your archived Session

3. under "Shared with me" you can see the files that a student or coach has shared with you

4. you can create your own folders (max 10) 

You can easily assign files to folders by drag & drop

If you drag the file to the folder again, the assignment to the folder is deleted again

Using the filter menus you can

1. search for files and documents 

2. sort the files alphabetically, by age or size

3. Filter by content types, like audio, videos, PDfs

When you 

1. share files via the +Person icon the student list will open

2. via the "Filter" you can now easily search for students and share one or more files with them.


Even if the file is deleted from a folder or you delete a whole folder, it remains in "My Documents".

Only when you delete the file using the trash icon it is permanently deleted.