The following hints in advance:

A computer/tablet/mobile with camera and microphone is required

Microsoft users must use Google Chrome or Firefox.

MacBook users please download Google Chrome, (Safari works limited)

Make sure, you stay in the same browser during the registration process.

On IPad and IPhone work only with the Safari browser.

You can find more tips on technical setup here:

1. Invitation

Copy and paste the invitation link sent to you by e-mail from your teacher into your browser. It may happen that this email ends up in your spam folder - so please check there too. Important: Do not open the link, just copy and paste it into the browser address field (Browser: Chrome or Firefox)!

2. Register

Press "Register". Use your e-mail address as user name and choose a password (double safety enter). Then click "Register".

3. Verification of your registration

You will receive an email with a verification link. Copy (do not open!) the link, paste and open it into your browser, where you started the registration.

4. Create profile

Now you have to create your profile (Free student account). The fields marked with * must be filled out. Click now that you accept the "terms&conditions" and agree. Finally click "Submit"

Here is an example of a correctly filled out profile:

5. Join a Session

Go to "My Coaches" to enter a "session". If your teacher is online, the button will turn blue and show "join session". Click on the button to connect.

Important: When you enter the "Session" your browser will ask you to allow access to your camera and microphone. Please press "allow".

Have fun!