Via the lock symbol the coach can control the access to the session. 

It's like a the door in the real world. 

If a participant is currently inside a running session, you can lock the door to be not disturbed. Everyone else who wants to enter has to knock on and you as a coach receive a message with the name of the knocking person.

1. lock = green = room is open

2. lock = red = room is closed

The Participants List can be accessed via the following icon:

You see the number of participants who are in the waiting room:

Participant "My Students" List:

A click on the participants icon opens the my student list.

Here you can see the lock, too. Both locks have the same funktionality. They are synced.

Lock funtions:

With the lock you can deny the access or open the session for all students.

With the switches next to the students you can control the access of single students.

The list is divided in three sections:

1. Is waiting (this only appears, when you locked the room and someone knocks on)

2. In session (all students who are currently inside the session)

3. Not In session (all of your students who are currently not in session)