When you hear yourself echoing, it means that your counterpart is the origin of the echo. Your voice comes out of your session partner's computer and is then sent back through the microphone. So if you hear the echo, the solution is to look on the other side.

Echoes occur when doozzoo is used without headphones combined with the selection of the headphone mode. In headphone mode, the echo suppression is not active. This sounds better, but then headphones are necessary in any case, otherwise echo effects can occur.

There are two audio modes in doozzoo:

1. headphone mode -> Select when using headphones (best possible sound).

2. loudspeaker mode -> select when using loudspeakers.

All participants can make these settings in the current doozzoo session or in the pre-session check.

The button that leads to the settings is located in the upper left corner:

The settings open up on the right side in the session

and the desired selection can be made:

The selection headphone / speaker mode are parent switches that control the settings below remotely

Echo Cancellation, Noise Cancellation and Volume Adjustment 

In speaker mode the echo cancellation is turned on.

Please note:

Only when using headphones in "headphone mode" you will get a sound without speech enhancement filters (echo cancellation) and the extended functions such as the playback functionality of the audio player.