doozzoo is a German start-up, founded by musicians, programmers and education experts and offers a specialized solution for online music education. doozzoo focuses on music and pedagogy and sees itself as a supplement to classroom teaching.

doozzoo offers optimized sound transmission of live instruments and singing with simultaneous video transmission as well as functions that permanently optimize and facilitate the workflow for teachers in online music lessons. 

As the only online platform, doozzoo offers specialized music applications such as an audio player with looper, pitch shifter and slow-downer, metronome, tuner, recording function, mixer (controls the volume of audio sources), media library and a remote function for viewing sheet music in PDF format. Teachers can record themselves using the recording function in doozzoo and decide which content should be saved as a video tutorial. Teachers can share the video tutorials and teaching materials of the respective learning unit with the learners via the personal media library.

doozzoo is not only a virtual classroom, but also a practice room. All files can also be shared, displayed and played outside the live session. The learner can easily repeat and deepen his or her personal learning content from the online lessons.  

With the "local-latency-compensation" doozzoo enables "time-comparative" teaching. This allows the teacher to remotely control the metronome or an audio file "local-latency-corrected" to be played back to the learner.  a group meeting or teaching with up to six people is currently possible, depending on the respective internet bandwidth. doozzoo offers a lower connection latency, but making music together in real time is not possible.  

The functions of doozzoo can be easily switched on or off at each user level and can be adapted to the relevant legal requirements and individual circumstances. For example, the download function can be deactivated for learners, but notes can still be displayed and audio played.

For teaching institutions with more than 50 learners, doozzoo provides an adapted, intuitive administration level. Profiles of teachers and learners can be created easily and securely in the system. We would be happy to provide an individual offer on request to 

The advantages of hybrid teaching are obvious:   

Equalization of the room utilization, extension of the range of the teaching institute, sustainability (no arrivals and departures), minimization of lesson cancellations, easier access to lessons for physically challenged persons and many more. 


Be part of it and shape the future of online music lessons together with doozzoo.