Which 'audio mode' is the right one to get the best sound with doozzoo?

There are two different ways to choose the right audio mode: In the pre-session-check or in the session.

In the pre-session-check:

Headphone mode

The best and most transparent sound is possible with the use of headphones in "Headphone-Mode".

All software filters are switched off to get the most open sound. 

If you change the mode, you have to save the settings with "Save Settings".

Speaker mode

Speaker mode is to be selected if you are working via speakers (e.g. internal computer speakers).

In speaker mode, the speech or sound of the other person is filtered out with a software 'echo cancellation'. Depending on the setup, this more or less affects the sound.

In the session:

Click on the settings-icon:

Choose the right audio-mode (see above)