Loopback a DAW signal into doozzoo Mac OS X 

In this tutorial we wanna show you how you can route the signal of any DAW into doozzoo

while still using the internal microphone or your audio interface for communication.

1. Download and install BlackHole

BlackHole gives you a virtual device with 16 in- and outputs, so you can route audio sig- nals between different applications.
If you don’t have BlackHole already installed, you can download it here. Open the down- loaded .pkg file and follow the instructions.

2. Download and install LadioCast

Download LadioCast from the Mac App Store.

3. Set DAW output

Open up your DAW and set the output device to “BlackHole 16ch” and set the outputs for your stereo mix to 3/4. This will send your DAWS audio signal to channel 3 and 4 of BlackHole.

4. Set audio preferences on your Mac 

Open your System Preferences on your Mac, go to "Sound" and set Blackhole as INPUT.

5. LadioCast main output routing

Launch LadioCast. On the left side you can choose the several sources like your inter- face or the internal microphone. To add the sound of your DAW, select “BlackHole 16ch” in one of the drop-down-menus. Next to the level indicator of this track you need to change the inputs to 3 and 4.

To add other inputs you wanna use, like a microphone or your instrument, simply do the same on the other tracks for the spe- cific sources you wanna use. Of course you can also adjust the gain and volume for ev- ery single input track. All selected inputs are now sent to the Main Output. To be able to send this one to doozzoo, select “BlackHole 16ch” in the Main Output’s drop-down-menu.


6. (optional) Monitor routing inside LadioCast

You can use the additional Aux Outputs in- side LadioCast to route specific inputs to your headphones. Go to the drop-down-menu of the Aux Output 1 and choose the hardware output you wanna use for your headphones or speakers, e.g. the Built-In-Output or your audio interface. Now activate the “Aux 1” but- ton in every Input track that you wanna mon- itor. This way you can make sure you’re able to hear your own DAW signal, which otherwise would only be audible for your opponent in doozzoo.

6. Sending the LadioCast signal into doozzoo Go to doozzoo.com, log-in to your account and go to “Pre session check”. Now set the au- dio input to “BlackHole 16ch”. Now you’re all set and ready to go.