Recommendations and Compatibilities:


Laptop or desktop computer (PC or Mac)

integrated and/or external webcam

iPad and iPhone only with Safari -> Important: Update iPad& iPhone to the latest IOS version!

Current tablets with Android work with Chrome browser 


No installation necessary -> doozzoo runs in the browser! 

On Windows & MacOS we recommend the following browsers: Chrome or Firefox

Generally, not all audio functions work under Mac Safari.

On mobile devices:

- doozzoo on Apple iOS devices like Ipad and Iphone works only under Safari browser.

- Android devices with Chrome browser

Setup recommendation for the best sound:

!!! Please use headphones or headset !!!

Before starting the browser really close all other programs like Skype, otherwise these programs reserve the camera or microphone (input).

Start the browser and choose in the "Pre session check" in doozzoo the headphone mode, as well as the correct input.

If you don't use headphones, select the speaker mode in the "Pre session check" to avoid echo effects. 

With this test tool you can test all inputs and the audio/video connection. Open the following link in your browser:

Possible reasons why it does not work:

Quit Skype, Zoom or other video chat programs because they prevent access to the webcam. Also make sure that Skype is no longer visible in the taskbar, i.e. really turned off, and only then start the browser for the doozzoo application.

Update the browser! When using Firefox, set the privacy settings to default and all adblockers must be disabled. (Tip > Use Chrome for online classes and Firefox for browsing).

Privacy settings in Windows (WIN10) prevent access to webcam or/and microphone -> Solution

Wrong audio IN/OUT selected in the sound settings of the operating system

Bad internet connection / WLAN overloaded -> better use LAN cable. Analysis tool:

In case of strong fan noise, you can activate "Noise-Supression" in the doozzoo "Pre-session-check" on the originator page. (However, this can have a negative effect on the sound)

Echoes are caused by the feedback of the audio signal. The originator of the echo does not hear the echo itself! The originator should either use headphones in headphone mode (Pre session check) or "Speaker Mode"(Pre session check) when using loudspeakers. In this case the echo will be eliminated by doozzoo's software (the sound may be negatively affected by this).

In rare cases incompatible pin assignments (TRRS) of headsets can cause a hard wired loopback. In this case it is helpful to use another headset or headphones and e.g. the internal microphone.

Bad sound under Windows (WIN10) can be caused by the WIN10 sound settings. Instructions here.