The goal of these settings are to use the Soundcraft Notepad to mix the instrument and mic signal and send this via doozzoo to the student or coach on the other end. Instead of using only a microphone picking up the sound of the voice and the instrument, the use of a mixer will achieve better sound results and more freedom in volume control.


When you use the Notepad without the following settings, you fall in trouble with echos, because the Signal, what is coming from your student will be rerouted to the master outs, what will cause echos.

Setting up the Soundcraft Notepad 8FX for online lessons.

1. Install the "Soundcraft USB Audio Control panel". Put this Panel in your autostart or open it before you start your doozzoo session. 

2. Open the panel and switch Audio Routing to Mic Input 1+2

3. As result now you can level the volume of your mic and instrument, what your student is hearing with the gain knobs of the 1+2 channels. And the track knobs only level the volume for your monitoring.

The volume of the sound coming from your student, you can now adjust with the USB 7/8 volume knob without causing echos.